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Thursday, December 31, 2009

This is OUR year

Happy New Years Eve ladies!!

I was afraid to make this post (that THIS is our year) so many years are wanting to lose weight. BUT I can say with out fear this year WILL be an AMAZING year for all of us!

This afternoon I am heading to my hairdresser, thinking of cutting a few inches and hoping that my hair becomes healthy! I have started taking Biotin and plan on buying Nioxin(shampoo).

The hubby and I are heading to my parents to ring in the new year and have a sleepover! We are expecting to get ALOT of snow this weekend!

The scale is being OH so kind this week 186.2  40lbs since surgery! 57lbs all together


  1. Fantastic job on the 57 pounds! I took a look at your ticker and you are only 32 pounds from goal?!?! That is awesome.

    Tracey and I are having a sleepover at my parents as well! Have a fantastic night!

  2. You are doing fantastic! And only 32 pounds from goal is even better!! You will reach it in no time.

    Have a great time with your family tonight.

    Have A Safe & Prosperous New Year!

  3. Nicole, you are rocking that band. Congratulations on your great success! I think you're right - 2010 is our year!

  4. This will be our year!! Congrats on hitting the 40 pound mark! 186 - you are getting tiny...

    Have a happy and safe New year!

  5. 57 pounds loss so far is an amazing job and now you are down to the nitty gritty and 2010 will bring you that.

    I hope you had a lovely NYE..!!!!! Congrats on your great year so far.

  6. Awesome!!!! I can't wait to hit 40 lbs gone. You are doing so well!

    You are right, 2010 will be OUR year!