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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2nd Bandiversary!!

8.24.09 Best day of my life.

Today I took these pictures with my Jared pants..these were skin tight...
Seams are busted..because they were so tight.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am going going..back back to Chicago...

Let me introduce myself..for those of you that might have forgotten about me ;)

My Name is Nicole ..My second Bandiversary is right around the corner 8/24..which now I can say with out a doubt the most important date of my life. I recently seperated from my husband in March..and by May 5th..my divorce was final.. OLE OLE..We are on good terms, he just didn't want children..and if people remember the reason I got my band was so that I would be at a healthy weight to get pregnant.

I have had the most amazing fun summer and I really owe a lot of it to my band. I have been dating, heading to the Cape most weekends and enjoying being in a bikini.

I am currently at 7.8 cc and haven't had a fill since last October.. I have seen 138lbs and even 136lbs (thanks to the divorce stress) Stayed 138 for a few months.. and now with the "summer fun" I have gone up to 144 for a few days and just recently got back down to 140..even saw 138 a few days last week. I am in maintenance mode..I still would love to get to 135..but for once in my life I feel control of my weight..thanks to my band.

I have been a role model, my high school friend is Angie she in boxed me on Facebook..I believe after my 5k pic I did last August asking me how I was losing my weight.. I have an old friend in San Diego that was  just  approved  for her lap band.. And now a Co Worker is going through the process.

I have kept very active..I enjoy running..I have done a couple of 5K's..this picture is me and my sister last Thursday.. last year my time was 43 min..this year 34 mins! (she of course walked it lol)

I didn't know if I was going to be able to afford coming to Chicago...but I got a really great deal on a Ticket and I cannot wait to see my band friends that I had so much fun with last year in Chicago..

I will leave you with a few fun summer pictures..and PROMISE I will try blogging more so you will know who I am in Chicago ;)  xo Nicole