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Thursday, October 7, 2010

a couple of NSV that made me cry

Tears of JOY! That is!!

 I have lots of news to share!! I will do bullets!
  •  I got a new job!! I will be working for a non profit, I believe I will be much happier helping people and my schedule rocks! I have been looking for a job since February so it's been a long time coming!!
I told my husband that I needed a new winter coat he said well last year you couldn't button it..(he is right it was a size 16 Jcrew coat that I wasn't able to button) MEN lol
December 2009 size 16 couldn't button!
October 2010 size 8 buttoned!

Next weekend I am attending a friends wedding my best friend gave me a size 6 Calvin Klein Dress to try on...I was like um this is not going to fit..guess what I was wrong..I cried on the way home from her house .I have never been a size 6