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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Blogger being banded next week!

New Blogger Tracy is getting banded next Wednesday, let's show her some support!
And she get's Thanksgiving as her "last meal" how lucky! ( unless she is on liquids!)

http://www.bandadventures.blogspot.com/, If the link isn't working she left the last comment on my last post.

This year I am Thankful for my health, for the first time in my life being a healthy weight (on the charts!!).  For no longer needing medications due to my obesity. Good Bye Nexium, no more gurd! Good bye Metformin, no more borderline diabetes!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Challenge Weigh In, 95 LB's down and a size 4

My weigh in for the challenge is MUCH better than last week! I weighed in today for the Holiday Challenge  148.4, a loss of 3.2lbs this week, and a total of 95lbs DOWN!! I had pretty good restriction because of my T.O.M.

I <3 My Band!!
Yesterday I went shopping at my favorite store (J.Crew outlet)  They had an additional 40% off their clearance..there had been a blazer I had been eyeballing and it was on clearance now and of course no size 8 biggest size was a size 4 for shits and giggles I brought it in to the dressing room. I almost DIED right their in the dressing room, the size FOUR fit and buttoned and get this was NOT tight.. I literally had to look at the tag 10 times to make sure it really said 4. Oh and best part I scored it for $24  I believe my workouts are really helping me lose inches!

After thinking the jacket was sized wrong I went and tried and XS sweater... I was drooling over it at $98 purchased for $32!
 I did it I finally had the courage to purchase Skinny Jeans, these are Jeggings for $14! Size 8, I had to purchase the sequin top it was not on clearance but marked down to $30 

Good Luck this next to all who are doing the Holiday Challenges, I am hoping to just maintain my great loss for this week!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I eat

Lap Band Gal   Did a great post asking everyone to post what they eat I am guilty of eating the same things a lot..this will be helpful maybe get some new ideas from other people.

Every morning I have a  1/2 cup of coffee with half & half and sugar or  a Skinny Latte if I don't get coffee at home.

Breakfast M-F I have Chobani greek yogurt 140 cal 14 grams of protein, on the weekends my hubby makes me a sunny side up egg with a english muffin (if I am not to tight) or an eggbeaters omelet

Water I drink 3 32ounce Nalgene bottles so a total of 96 ounces a day

Snacks- Cheesestick 80 cal 7g protein or peanuts  or my favorite slices of cucumber with two tablespoons of hummus YUM! 

Lunch..a can of tuna with low fat mayo and pickles or a salad with a scoop or tuna and balsamic Vinaigrette or soup! ( I really need new lunch ideas) If it's crazy at work I eat a protein bar  on the run 220 cal 15 g protein  

Dinner- Grilled Turkey breast with squash, Chicken sausage with broccoli, turkey taco's, fish I love seafood, when I go out to eat I always order grilled salmon, turkey meatloaf, spaghetti squash with marinara that I add ground turkey too, turkey chili.

Dessert- I love skinnnnnnnnnny cow ice cream sandwiches, or yummy mint bars yum!

That's what I eat! What do you eat!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

gains, alterations, spinning galore

So my weigh in for the challenge today was 151.6 that's a .8 gain BOOOOOOOOO!

This gain especially saddens me because at the beginning of the week Tuesday to be exact I saw my weight for the first time EVER in my life began with a 14  ..I was so thrilled and jazzed that I was courageous enough to try spinning..I hated and loved it all at once loved it even more that it showed I had burned 750 calories in an hour!

BIGGEST NSV that happened during Spinning class.. Instructor: Hey I haven't seen you before is this the first time you have come to my class ME: Yep this is my first time Instructor: You mean in my class?? ME no ever my first spin class ever Instructor: WOW really? you did really great!  I about almost DIED with happiness..

So now that I am going to the gym I need new clothes, I was able to purchase a medium in workout pants and I went to the outlets today and the most expensive thing I bought was on a workout top! 

I also found an amazing Tailor! This women is great and is helping take in suits and pants so I don't have to go buy all new stuff.. Here is a picture I snapped hemming my new Paige jeans!
This week I am going back to spin on Tuesday, I will go to 4 classes at the gym this week.And I will like I always track calories and try to stay around 1,000 to 1,100 and high protein
And I am going to try and stop ordering mudslides  (it was so yummy though!)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Holiday Challenge/ My Jared Post!!!

I know some people must be thinking..why are you joining the challenge? She must be nuts, she will never win!
I am obviously not in it to win it, I am in it to stay motivated especially around all the tempting Holiday treats. I am DYING to get into the 140's. My weigh in today 150.8, I am 5lbs below my goal and 5lbs from my aspirational goal and 7lbs away from 100lbs down..which I would really like to see. 

I have been wanting to do my  Jared post for a little while, I woke up this morning with the start of the challenge motivated and wanting to take a picture, even though I just woke and no makeup!

These are the jeans I wore every day of the last year leading up until my Surgery, they were SKIN tight on me! and I even have holes in the seams from them being stretched out.

And proof that these suckers used to be SKIN tight on me
Florida March 09/ 5 months before Lap Band

Monday, November 1, 2010

I have seemed to have fallen into a rabbit hole...

So it's pretty appropriate that I was "Alice in Wonderland" for Halloween.

First let me explain that my new job, is CRAZY busy! I am not  allowed to be on blogger with my company internet acess and really I don't have time for it! Non-Profit works you to the bone! I am also doing a lot of traveling with this new job as well. This job is a lot of hard work but in the long run will be great for my career.

One perk of my new job is my hours! I am out by 4:30 and walk to the downtown YMCA that my husband goes too and we workout! I have fallen in love with Zumba & CardioFusion!

I am trying really hard to break into the 140's but my scale is stuck on 153, and by no means am I complaining. Last year for Halloween I did not dress up, I did go to a pumpkin festival so I have a picture to compare too and I remember being THRILLED because I was down 30 or so lbs!
Halloween 2009
Halloween 2010

My first EVER slutty halloween Costume! (The hubby approved!!)

This journey is so much fun with the people that you meet and the friendships you develop! I had a double date with Kristen on Friday, we went to a Hockey game and out to dinner.