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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I eat

Lap Band Gal   Did a great post asking everyone to post what they eat I am guilty of eating the same things a lot..this will be helpful maybe get some new ideas from other people.

Every morning I have a  1/2 cup of coffee with half & half and sugar or  a Skinny Latte if I don't get coffee at home.

Breakfast M-F I have Chobani greek yogurt 140 cal 14 grams of protein, on the weekends my hubby makes me a sunny side up egg with a english muffin (if I am not to tight) or an eggbeaters omelet

Water I drink 3 32ounce Nalgene bottles so a total of 96 ounces a day

Snacks- Cheesestick 80 cal 7g protein or peanuts  or my favorite slices of cucumber with two tablespoons of hummus YUM! 

Lunch..a can of tuna with low fat mayo and pickles or a salad with a scoop or tuna and balsamic Vinaigrette or soup! ( I really need new lunch ideas) If it's crazy at work I eat a protein bar  on the run 220 cal 15 g protein  

Dinner- Grilled Turkey breast with squash, Chicken sausage with broccoli, turkey taco's, fish I love seafood, when I go out to eat I always order grilled salmon, turkey meatloaf, spaghetti squash with marinara that I add ground turkey too, turkey chili.

Dessert- I love skinnnnnnnnnny cow ice cream sandwiches, or yummy mint bars yum!

That's what I eat! What do you eat!!


  1. looks yummy...I gotta get some chicken sausage....isn't hummus the best!? Thanks

  2. you are such a good girl ... can you somehow send me over some self control when it comes to food please thanks!

  3. You eat Chobani Monday-Friday? We're flattered! Thanks for being such an awesome fan! :)

    Communications Manager
    Chobani Greek Yogurt

  4. Great list - I have actually added a few things to my grocery list! Thanks! <3

  5. WOW! Super healthy! I also eat greek yogurt every single day of the week for breakfast!

  6. You are a very good eater! I do that well about half the time. I still have improvements to make in quality for sure! You're an inspiration!

  7. I wish I could eat yogurt for breakfast. It is such a slider for me, does nothing for the hunger. Sounds like you are STILL doing so awesome with your choices.