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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pictures progress 3 months post op

Tuesday was my 3 month post op anniversary. I remember seeing pictures of me with my nephew (clearly the only reason I was in a photo at all) back in May.  My husband and I were on our way to a Red Sox game, hence my shirt. I know it's a little hard to tell but if it wasn't for my nephew I wouldn't have a picture of me at my highest weight(hubby distorted nephews face) And oh man it hurt to squeeze into those bleacher seats at Fenway. So looking forward to Opening Day 2010!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3 month Band Anniversary

Went for my 3 month nutritionist check up today, she was thrilled with my progress. I have lost 30lbs since surgery, down 48lbs total. I have lost 38% of my excess body fat. She told me I am losing at a rate that some Gastric patients lose at.
So this Thanksgiving I am thankful for being brave enough to have the surgery. Hoping to think of the Holiday for what I am thankful for, not all about food.
Stay tuned I am going to posting some pictures of my progress so far

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bandster Quiz

1. How long have you been banded? 3 months (tomorrow!)
2. What was your highest pre-band weight? / Current weight now? / Total lost to date? 243/195/48
3. What is your best "go-to" food to get in your protein? fish! Low Fat String cheese
4. What is your favorite protein brand/shake? the smell of the protein makes me gag! But if I have to drink one I do vanilla protein powder with strawberries and 1/2 a banana
5. What food do you miss the most now being post-band? Bagels and Pasta
6. What is your favorite "mushy" food? Refried Beans, mashes potatoes
7. What was your worst PB experience? Hard boiled Egg, driving in a car YOWZERS
8. What has been the hardest part of this journey so far for you? when the scale doesn't move, clear liquids after fills for 2 days is killer
9. What is your best NSV to date? down 2 sizes in jeans
10. What is your top non-weight goal for your band? (top NSV maybe?) Bikini and fitting into desginer jeans!
11. What is your goal weight or size? 155lbs Size 10 or maybe an 8!
12. What band "rule" do you live by (i.e. don't cheat on)? No Bread, No Pasta, No carbonation
13. What band "rule" do you not follow as much or aren't so good at? coffee and alcohol
14. What is your goal "reward"? Jamaica in a bikini!!
15. In the spirit of Thanksgiving being right around the corner (US), what are you most thankful for, post-band? Thankful that I made the decision to have the lap band, tomorrow is my 3 month band anniversary and I feel great!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why I chose the lap band

In November of 2008, I was in my Dr. office going over test results. She had called me in because I was borderline diabetes, and I would need to go on medication. While in the office she said "You CANNOT get pregnant" At 27 years old and newly married this was devastating to hear that I was not healthy enough to become pregnant. This led me to seek out information about the Lap Band. The following month I went to an information session. And started my Journey on insurance approval, weight I needed to lose in order to get the surgery and scheduling my surgery August 24, 2009.