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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thanks Gen!!! And it's my 29th Birthday today!!

Blogger needs a Birthday calendar!! Amy W. posted that she was glad Facebook told her it was my Birthday, so I will let you know  it's my 29th Birthday today.

Martinis will be had, desserets will be tried and I will not be counting my calories today  :)
stay tuned for comparison pictures from my bday last year to this year

Gen graciously awarded me with a Gift Card to Victoria Secret for $50!!! Gen ROCKS!!  Thank You so much!!!  I was the winner of the last competition

My work rocks instead of cake we are doing a starbucks run and I am getting the Caramel Frappuccino® Light Blended Coffee   130 calories for the tall, Yummy!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

100 followers! Thank You!!

Thank You so much for following my blog!! You ladies have made my journey with the Lap Band so successful! And I have developed some real great friendships from Blog Land! Support and understanding is so important throughout this journey! Big HUGS xo

Sunday, March 28, 2010

up close tummy pictures..ready for the challenge

 I think it was Gen who asked where my scars were on the bathing suit post I did. 
Here they are 7 months post op! My stretch marks are getting weirder the more weight I lose UGH! But my scars are still there I had 5 incisions. I owe my scars looking pretty good from  putting on Vitamin E oil everyday when I get out of the shower it's good for scars and stretch marks. I get mine at Vitamin Shoppe. After taking this picture I notice my port is sticking out and making a indent in my stomach.

Very excited to start the bathing suit challenge! Ready to kick the plateau I am on in the butt!

Was out with friends on Friday night and my husband and I were wearing striped shirts so I took this opportunity to sit on his lap, something I haven't done in a long time and I didn't smush him :) 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

6 Month post op Nutrionist visit ~ MedGem interesting tool

Had my 6 month post op appointment today, a month late (as I was on vacation when it was orginally scheduled) 

The best part when she came to get me I turned around and she said OH I thought you were a drug rep, not a WLS patient.  :)

She said I need to eat more calories some days I go under 1000 and she said that can make you not lose weight. 

She told me about this great machine there called MedGem that you breath into and it tells you how many calories a day you should be eating based on your Body Fat, she said if I hit a plateau that this would be great to do. She said it's $150 if insurance doesn't cover it. Interesting on the flyer it shows 2 women both weighing 153 one needs to eat 1,571 calories a day and  the other 1,252. She mentioned a patient of her was told she needed to eat 2400 and was eating 1200 and that's why she wasn't losing weight.

Think you should check it out! See if your Dr office offers it.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

My head needs to catch up with my scale...

I have all these thoughts swimming around my brain so I figured I should blog it out.

Yesterday I had seen a lot of friends that haven't seen me in a while and I get a ton of compliments like I have been getting lately and EVERYONE keeps asking me "How do you feel?" And I pause and I say GREAT,(because I am doing great)But a part of me is thinking I am still me I still feel like me. They are asking if I feel different as a smaller person.  Let's face it I do feel more comfortable in my skin, my ankles and knees don't get swollen from walking, I can cross my legs ( I still get amazed at this) 

I am not sure if it is because I had WLS and they know this that they think I would feel different?

I have started to notice people looking at me, to the point I think to myself to look at my outfit make sure everything is intact. It's a weird thing to notice, having people really see you.

people are starting to be nicer to me, they smile at me, take returns easier, get more customer service. It makes me so sad that being heavy in this society we live in makes us be treated differently. 


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Florida Pictures last year vs this year!!

We had a wonderful time in Florida. These pictures even shock me! 
Tears come to my eyes on how great full I am to have this tool.
In these pictures I am a little over 70lbs down a little over 6 months since being banded.

And that my hubby loves me just the same at whatever weight my scale says. 
Click on pictures to make them bigger :)


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bathing suit pictures....taken just for my blog friends :)

 Guess what I wore in Florida?????  I was brave and put on my size 12 Bikini! 

It looks sort of silly because my stomach hasn't seen the sun in a few years.

I am starting Kristen's Memorial Day Bathing suit challenge. If you haven't signed up you really should!!! I have done the past two challenges so since November and it really has kept me on track and losing at a great rate! 

I cannot wait to compare this pictures with the ones on Memorial Day weekend!! 

Below the Bikini photos is a picture from last March in Florida, the closest picture to me in a bathing suit with my cover up on.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My husband wanted me to show you this...

I am back from Vacation and trying to get back on track with my 100oz of water and band friendly portions and food. So last night for dinner I made turkey chili in the crock pot.

 My husband takes the camera last night to upload our vacations pictures. I hear him taking pictures.
 I get an email this morning subject: for your band blog.
He wanted me to show you the 1 cup chili portions. I thought it was hysterical and had to share

excuse the dirty stove :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.....


I have missed reading your blogs and have so much to catch up on.

My vacation was great, spending time with my grandparents and sister and brother and stepdad. It was a little chilly in Florida,but we were able to lay out a few days and I finally went in the pool yesterday.

I will get my pictures up over the weekend..what a difference a year and a BAND makes :)

I noticed on vacation my portions got bigger and bigger as the time went on, but it's vacation right? And a lot of cocktails!  I came back and amazingly only had a 2lb gain!! for a 9 day vacation I think thats great and it's currently my TOM!

I love my band!