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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

7 Steps to Life Success...GREAT Article from Women's Health Magazie

I read this in my Women's Health Magazine that came last night and these really hit home for me and thought I would share with you! These are Tips from Jillian Michaels

1. DEFINE YOUR GOAL  "You have to know exactly what you're going after before you go after it" Jilliam says. Be specific. It shouldnt be " I want to lose weight" it should be " I want to be a size 6" Write it down and post it for inspiration all over your house.

2 BELIEVE IN YOUR ABILITY "A lot of times, people don't truly Believe that they can run five miles or that they are capable of losing weight"she says. Banish feelings of regret and guilt. Instead take that energy and redirect it toward a positive transformation.

3 STAY POSITIVE  jillian cited a recent Nike Ad in which a woman take a dreaded physical trait "I have thunder thighs" and celebrates it. "The minute you turn around to bash yourself, reverse it and give yourself a compliment" she says. Readjusting self-flagellation inspires you to "Create experiences that allow you to believe in yourself"

4 IMAGINE YOUR GOAL "Visualization allows you to get comfortable with the possibility of change" If it's a house you want; what does it look like? How does it feel to walk through those hallways?"

5 GET EDUCATED "The reason so many people fail at weigh loss is because they don't know what they're doing" she syas. Studying up beforehand helps you "make powerful choices that effect change"

6 DON'T FEAR FAILURE "It is an intergral pard of success"Jillian says " It is part of the process and a way to learn and grow wiser."

7 GET FEEDBACK  Don't be afraid of receiving constructive criticism-seek it out. Look for someone who's educated in the goal you're trying to achieve

I need to keep rereading this article and let it sink in!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

75lbs DOWN!

Getting back to my sweet spot is helping the scale move. I weighed in yesterday at 168.5 and then saw 168 again. It's Sunday the day I change my ticker, and send in my weight for the bathing suit challenge so I am keeping it!!

I spoke to my husband about Chicago and he was very supportive so I just need to save up some money for a ticket and I should be able to go!!

Tomorrow is a very exciting day I am going to our first Red Sox game this year, so excited to be able to sit in our seats and be comfortable. Doing this 75lbs LESS than last season!! We share season tickets and when taking a lifestyles course before getting surgery we had to make a list and on my list was sitting in my  Red Sox seats comfortably! 

Ladies I need some good vibes I have an interview tomorrow morning  at 7:30am

Thursday, April 15, 2010


 I had to show you all what my scale said this morning!!

Looks like the fill I had is helping my scale get unstuck!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthday Celebrations caution food porn

Here our some pictures from my Birthday celebrations! I asked my husband to crop this picture and he says WHEN was this I don't remember you looking like this, I said yep last year on my Birthday lol.
When the scale hasn't moved at a like it has done this last month I NEED to look at these pictures to see how far I have come. I apologize for not getting a good picture of me standing up. But hopefully you can see the difference!
My Best friend got me this AMAZING cake, it was 1/2 cheesecake 1/2 cake it was so amazing and I didn't have a problem with it :)
This was my dinner rare Ahi Tuna!   

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fill....some cc's are missing, has this happened to you??

What GORGEOUS weather we had over Easter!!!

My NSV for Easter, was over my parents and needed to borrow work out clothes to go for a walk/Jog and my stepmom says to me would you like to wear a pair of your dad's shorts and I said NO I can try yours and she hands over the Medium spandex work out pants. And THEY fit me :) take that needing dads shorts!

Had a MUCH needed fill this morning, last week I was SO HUNGRY and had barely any restriction. I asked my NP to pull out and check to see how many cc's are really in my band I am supposed to have 7.7 cc, today she pulled out 7.1cc. She said that some could be hiding in the chamber and just not able to be pulled out..Have you ever heard of this?? She gave me a big girl fill with .4 so hopefully this gives me my restriction back!

Just curious if others have not been able to find their cc's .6 is ALOT I feel like not to find, but she didn't seem fazed by this.

My birthday celebrations last week were a blast!!!  Pictures to come soon