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Monday, April 5, 2010

Fill....some cc's are missing, has this happened to you??

What GORGEOUS weather we had over Easter!!!

My NSV for Easter, was over my parents and needed to borrow work out clothes to go for a walk/Jog and my stepmom says to me would you like to wear a pair of your dad's shorts and I said NO I can try yours and she hands over the Medium spandex work out pants. And THEY fit me :) take that needing dads shorts!

Had a MUCH needed fill this morning, last week I was SO HUNGRY and had barely any restriction. I asked my NP to pull out and check to see how many cc's are really in my band I am supposed to have 7.7 cc, today she pulled out 7.1cc. She said that some could be hiding in the chamber and just not able to be pulled out..Have you ever heard of this?? She gave me a big girl fill with .4 so hopefully this gives me my restriction back!

Just curious if others have not been able to find their cc's .6 is ALOT I feel like not to find, but she didn't seem fazed by this.

My birthday celebrations last week were a blast!!!  Pictures to come soon


  1. My surgeon has told me that the CC's don't really evaporate but diffuse ( I think that is the word he used ). That even when you are at your "sweet spot" you could still need maintenance fills. He always pulls out less than what he put in during the last fill for both me and my husband but I haven't really paid attention to how much less. I will next time though!

  2. I've had this happen to me before as well and my doc basically gave me the same reasoning as Leslie's did. I don't think it's really too much cause for concern at all :)

  3. This happened to me when I went for my second fill; there were supposed to be 4ccs in my band from the first fill but when the surgeon drew out the saline there were only 3ccs in there. He said this was perfectly normal as the saline can sometimes sit in the tubing (rather than making it all the way to the actual band) and then evaporate.

  4. Hi Nicole - I haven't had this happen yet, but from others' responses it sounds like you should be OK. Glad you got a fill and I hope you're feeling good restriction. Congrats on the MEDIUM shorts NSV - that's a good one!

  5. I missed your birthday!! Happy belated and that is interesting about the fill.
    These are the band mysteries of our lives, right?
    Wow on the mediums-- you go skinny girl!

  6. Yep, I was always told you'd never get it "ALL" out. Think about the size of the port and the size of the needle hole that draws the liquid back in... seems logical that way. I wouldn't worry, that's not much missing at all! I had 6.5 cc's missing from my band when it was all pulled out LOL! :)

  7. I have 0.5 cc's missing before, I got the same answers as everybody else. No Big deal...It doesn't all come out...etc.

    Congrats on the NSV!!

  8. Well, I didn't get an answer and glad I was able to read it here. At my third visit, desperately needing an unfill, I thought there was 5ccs in and there wasn't, he just said less than you thought, and proceeded to put some back in...still don't have a clear idea of the numbers, but it worked for a good long time. Now my next fill is next Weds...can't come soon enough, I'm eating like a little piggy! :)

  9. yes ma'am. I have heard others give great explanations via their doctors about where the liquid might be hiding, etc.

    I wouldnt worry about it!

    You go sassy pants and your mediums! I bought 2 size large workout pants just today!!!

  10. Lovin the mediums!!! Glad to know that losing a little fluid is no big deal, now I want a little fill so I can see how much I really have in there!!

  11. Hi Nicole - the new bag is Michael Kors. I haven't had one of his before, I hope they're hardy because I am TOUGH on purses.

  12. Yes! At my last visit I was supposed to be at 7.4 and was hoping for more....They pulled out 7.2, so I was missing .2. Bad news is they only gave me another .2, which did NOTHING! So annoyed I have to go back!

    Hope this fill works for you!

  13. That happened to me, too. My doctor said that sometimes the pressure prevents all the saline from being extracted from the band. You only lose about .1 cc per year due to evaporation (or whatever the proper term is for what happens), according to my dr.

    Anyway, not too worrisome. Seems like it happens to a lot of people! :)

  14. Hi there! I just found your blog. I have only had one adjustment so far (currently at 5.3 cc) and I wasn't told anything about this diffusing thing! Weird! Anyhoo I just wanted to say congrats on your wonderful progress so far. I see on your ticker that you are super close to goal, that is wicked awesome.
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