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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am alive..just overwhelmed

The comments I recieved on my last post are overwhelming..I LOVE YOU LADIES!

Getting to attend the bandster brunch  in NYC on 3/20 was amazing and lifted my spirits.

I haven't been on blogs much as I haven't gotten my wireless internet hooked up at my parents. 

I have been trying to deal with my shit show of a life. It's hard. This past week has been extremely hard. I cry most days. My band is so tight from stress and having my period last week I could barely eat.  Yesterday I saw the lowest # on my scale in my life (136lbs), and I didn't even care because I am just so sad and stressed.

Tomorrow will be my first holiday seperated ( my 30th GULP) Birthday. And it's sad knowing I have to make plans, not just automatically have plans with my husband.

Thank You for all the support, I will be getting back into blogging soon..I promise.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am getting a divorce.

I have been dreading this post. I haven't logged on in about 3 weeks, and the reason is I have seperated from my husband and we are getting divorced.

I haven't had the heart to log on here and share my news.. well because it's hard to write it out and actually say to people. And a part of me doesn't want to worry others because of the divorce rate related to WLS.

And I truly believe deep down that it doesn't have to do with me losing 100+ lbs. We had been trying to have a baby and my husband always talked about waiting..waiting for a house..waiting for the spring I am turning 30 and he turns 39 next month. And finally last month he said to me "You know if you get pregnant, it's all on you"  And that right there folks is why I am getting a divorce.  So with that repeating in my head ..I sat down and had a talk and deep down he really doesn't want children, he thought his mind would change (since I wanted children so badly) but the older he gets the less he wants them. 

So is it because I am happy with my body and confident that I decideded to take a stand for myself  and take a leap of fait to find a partner that wants the same things in life? maybe?

The next few months will be a rough road for me, I am losing the home I have made, and my best friend.

But ladies life is to short  NOT to be happy.

I am so very looking to seeing everyone who will be in NYC for brunch this sunday and BOY do I need a margarita.