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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

6 Month post op Nutrionist visit ~ MedGem interesting tool

Had my 6 month post op appointment today, a month late (as I was on vacation when it was orginally scheduled) 

The best part when she came to get me I turned around and she said OH I thought you were a drug rep, not a WLS patient.  :)

She said I need to eat more calories some days I go under 1000 and she said that can make you not lose weight. 

She told me about this great machine there called MedGem that you breath into and it tells you how many calories a day you should be eating based on your Body Fat, she said if I hit a plateau that this would be great to do. She said it's $150 if insurance doesn't cover it. Interesting on the flyer it shows 2 women both weighing 153 one needs to eat 1,571 calories a day and  the other 1,252. She mentioned a patient of her was told she needed to eat 2400 and was eating 1200 and that's why she wasn't losing weight.

Think you should check it out! See if your Dr office offers it.



  1. that kind of technology scares me... next it will be an anlysis of your breath to see if you at m&ms or something. no.thank.you.

    ps. i grew up in plantation but live a little further north now. the pool picks look just like a place in my current development!

  2. Wow.....that machine sounds really interesting! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  3. That sounds neat! hahah..just thinking... First we have *ports* in us,(Say it in Catherine55's robot voice) & now we have machines to breath into to tell us how many calories to eat. I didn't know I'd grow up to be a sci-fi experiment! haha! I love it - brings out my inner geek.
    I want to do it!

  4. That seems like a nifty little machine!

    I have my six month follow up next week and I'm about a month behind too. I think it's so neat that we were banded right around the same time.

  5. I've done a machine like that twice. Once was in a WLS doctor's office four years ago when I was looking into banding surgery, the second time was two years ago at a resort. Both times the machines said I need about 2,200 calories a day to maintain my weight.

  6. Isn't that the best compliment??? Congrats. I wonder how that machine works??? Simply by your breath...amazing

  7. 生命是一頓豐富的宴席,有人卻寧可挨餓..............................

  8. Hi again Nicole, I'm not sure I would have trusted the machine so much except that Dr. Kurian was using it, so I figured it must be close at the very least. And then when I had it done at the resort and the result was so similar to the first test, even a few years apart, I had more faith in it. Can't hurt to try, right? I guess the best test would be to have 20 people do the test, eat accordingly and then see the results after six months.

  9. I agree with Kris.. thx for sharing...

  10. Love that NSV! Did she also tell you that you were like a star patient? You must be in the top 1% of losers or something like that!

    Email me at coloradofamily@hotmail.com. And that reminds me - your VS gift certificate! I can send it your way once I have your email!

  11. that's a really neat analyzer. I've never seen or heard of it. thank you for sharing. And I really am amazed at your rate of weight loss. That's pretty darn incredible!