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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3rd Fill

Hey ladies!

Had my 3rd fill today with my NP. My doctor has us do 4 days of liquids after, 2 clear 2 full. UGH!!
Anyone else have to do this? I try to forget about it but it's hard to when people at work are eating.
What do you do to spice up your clear liquids phase?? I enjoyed some miso soup for lunch.


  1. mine only makes me do clear liquid that day, before and after the fill. I do liquids the next day on my own, to slowly introduce foods back in.

  2. My surgeon's office doesn't make us do any liquids. They just say to eat mushy foods that day. It's so interesting how each surgeon says something different.

  3. My clinic says "take it easy for the rest of the day" which basically means nothing. I just eat slow and chew chew chew and it's been fine.

    Good luck, hope this fill does something for ya! :)