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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Most wonderful time of the year"

Is anyone else looking forward to after Christmas, when we aren't having to attend parties with all this food, cookies and cakes. I had 3 partys this past weekend and I bake truffles and cupcakes and didn't eat any of it.
Hoping I can stay strong Christmas Eve and Christmas!
Is anyone else's band feeling weird with potlucks or different things that you haven't tried before (HAM) ??!


  1. Yes, in regards to the food issue, I can't wait for the Holiday's to end.

    And if you meant has anyone tried eating "Ham" yet, & whether or not you had problems eating it? I ate some Ham on Thanksgiving Day a week after my Surgery, & I didn't have any problems with it.

  2. Good for you girl! I have given in all ready, and yes, I can't wait until the holidays are over! Stay strong!

  3. I am always relieved when the holidays have passed-- too much pressure and rah rah.

    No need to feel weird about wanting things to get back to normal!

  4. you know its funny cause I just read angie's blog and shes talkingabout making allowances while away and that's exactly with what I am delaing with right now at my sisters !! I find myself allowing myself to eat things that I normally dont, even though I havent gone crazy but still..french fries ?? I havent eaten any of those since pre-op !!!
    But I guess this is just part of learning how the new works...