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Sunday, June 13, 2010

bouncing scale

 my scale has been bouncing all over this week, last week I weighed in at 161 for hot summer meltdown, I saw 159, 160, 157 this week and now I am back at 161 UGH

So frustrating...  as my goal bag just sits in my closet


  1. My scale is super bouncy too! Stupid bouncy scales!

  2. Thank you for that great Chix salad recipe! I've made it 2 x now. Once with grapes and yesterday with craisins and a little chopped walnuts! Delish!

  3. Mines the same! Saw the 180's for a second the other day, but back to 193!
    You'll get that bag soon!

  4. We must have the same scales!!! Arghhhhh and I can barely eat too!!!

  5. I'm having the same dang problem...stupid scale! My scale was up three pounds today!

  6. There is a scale conspiracy. Sales would drop uncontrollably if they were consistent and/or worked properly. And if they weren't big fat liars!

    I'm thinking "goal purse" thoughts and sending the juju your way...

  7. OMG I would be making out with my scale right now if any one of those numbers flashed at me!

    You will totally get there, you are a major ROCKSTAR! You must look amazing!