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Sunday, January 24, 2010

saying good bye to my old scale

I purchased a new scale that Kristen recommended. Weight Watchers Glass Memory Electronic Scale. Even shows you how much you are down from start weight. 

The new scale is spot on with the DR's scale so I know it is more accurate. It weighed me in at 182.1 this morning.

But I am sad to say goodbye to my old scale that had me weighing in at 180 this morning. I am sure I don't want to say goodbye because it is a lower weight. (DUH lol) 
BUT this scale saw me at 243lbs (that weight that was just between us) and now today at 180lbs.. 63 lbs. Should I have a ceremonial burial? Or have my husband run as fast as he can to the dumpster LOL 2 scales this past week have been driving me nuts.

So I will take the 182.1 and look forward to the new scale taking me to GOAL! :) 


  1. It's not easy to accept a scale that weighs you in higher. Just goes to show that you know the progress is being made every day and you know two pounds here or there doesn't matter - it'll come off. Congrats on the new scale, may it take you straight to goal!

  2. Hi sunshine! About the peanuts...she didnt really say anything. I did ask her about the sodium, and she says that she recommends not going over 3000 mg a day...that was higher than I thought. To cut back on the salt though, i buy the dry roasted, lightly salted (with Sea Salt)...they are SO much lower in sodium!

  3. So proud of you, and so glad to see you say bye bye to old scale! This was a big step for you, but you did it! The new scale will be nice to you I promise, since we're now scale twins hopefully they both send us good vibes!

  4. Nice - we all deserve something new once in a while - and a shiny new scale might give you a new lease on life. Loving the numbers it's showing.. you are doing fantastic!

  5. That sounds like a nice scale. Mine has been on the fritz and I've been looking for a new one. I might have to get this one. :) Way to go on 60+ lbs.! You look great!

  6. Hi there. I have a glass scale too and it's wonderful. Great job on being down over 60 pounds. You are a inspiration for sure :)

  7. I want a new scale, but dammit the one I have just will not stop working! It is so reliable, I hate it!

    Mine is a Tanita and it has been going strong for 8 years. Old faithful. Still, maybe just for aesthetic purposes I may try a new one...

    Funny thing, my Doc's scale is way lighter than mine - like 4 or 5 pounds! But I know from many tests that mine is right, unfortunately.

    Enjoy your new scale, and even better, your 60+ loss! That is amazing!

  8. #57 here! Thanks for posting your blog link...I don't why they don't come up on some people's profiles (not on yours)? Great blog...and hey, we started about the same place! Florida would be some great motivation for me...it's freezing here in Pittsburgh! -BG

  9. I have a perfectly good and not very old scale but it is not electronic and I have a hard time reading the little lines...so I have been thinking about getting a new electronic one. But then what would I do with the perfectly good one that I have? Decisions, decisions!

  10. Hi Nicole, I just found your blog through Amy. You are doing awesome. What is your secret? How may cc's do you have in your band? What kind of exercise regimn do you do? I would love some tips. I was banded about one month after you, I am only down about 27lbs. I have stepped up my exercise over the past few weeks, joind curves along with continuing my treadmill work outs. I need to drink more water for sure. I definitely need another fill. My next appt is 3/25. I am at 6cc and still eat a lot. I am making good food choices in what I eat, I can still eat a pretty good portion though.

    I have the same scale and I love it. I bought mine at Target, it is wonderful. Glad I found your blog. Keep up the great work!