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Friday, January 22, 2010

Go in for a Fill..but I don't need one?!

Today I went in for my fill and the NP thinks I am doing so well and in the "green zone" or (my sweet spot) that she wanted to leave me where I am at. And not to come back until after Florida. 8 weeks!! I hope she is right!!

NSV she told me I was shrinking :) it's the little things

Happy Friday!


  1. Well you go with your bad shrinking self! It is beautiful today in Florida...:)

  2. YAY for the little things..they do mean ALOT !! Have a great time in Fla !! and make sure you listen to some freestyle for me while you're there !! LOL !!

  3. Isn't that kind of cool to think you're in the green zone. Hope it holds tight for you x

  4. Well that is cool! Good thing they like your progress and that you're at your sweet spot, I think I'm so close!!! Happy Florida times!