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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

60lbs DOWN! And SO excited for tomorrow

Woo hoo! So excited 60lbs down. I am so excited goal finally feels reachable to me!
What an amazing tool the lap band is, and  I  am so blessed to have such a supporting lap band community. Each and every one of you inspire me!

I am so excited to be meeting Kristen & Jenny tomorrow night! Jenny was the first blog I started following and we were all banded in August!! And so very excited to meet Kristen we have become fast friends!


  1. SIXTY!! Congratulations, 60 pounds is serious stuff. You've worked hard, you deserve it. Have fun tomorrow night at dinner!

  2. Yeah 60!!! We are toasting to that tomorrow night lady! xoxo

  3. you're rocking it Nicole!! I am sooo proud of you. Have fun at dinner !! I cant imagine what it's like to eat with other banded people?? Intresting to say the least.

  4. Yea Nicole!!!We hit 60 the same week (although you're way smaller than me)! Your goal is so close - you should be proud.
    Have a great time at dinner.

  5. Congrats! That is so amazing!

    You girls have fun at dinner tomorrow!

  6. Kristen, that is so awesome!!! Congratulations!! Sixty is so major!! Have the best time at dinner tomorrow. :)



  7. Most amazing accomplishment Kristen! Congratulations! Have a great time at dinner!

  8. Nicole that is awesome! Huge congrats! And lucky you to meet those fellow Bandsters!

  9. Have an amazing dinner and congrats on 60 gorgeous girly!