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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Giving to the sisterhood

Today I am washing clothes that are to be sent to Amy and Kristen (the next time we meet).

It's crazy that I have clothes size 8-18 in my closet. I mean I understand the 8 you always keep your smaller clothes in hopes of fitting back in them. But the bigger clothes? I had started a bag of "future Maternity clothes" am I crazy do you think a hopefully size 10 pregnant woman would wear size 16 or 18 pants? um no. 

It just struck me that I am holding on to these clothes, because in the past I have lost and gained it back (and then some). Holding onto the clothes because I will need them later. 
I feel that this is therapy, THIS time it WILL be different. 


  1. Toss 'em, girl. You won't be needing them ever again!!!

  2. I remember Catherine posting about how giving away her "fat" clothes was scary for the same reason, but it was such a great experience to be rid of them!

  3. It took me about 5 months to actually get rid of clothes, but once I started, it felt REALLY good... scary, but good! I kept some bigger clothes for possible maternity too, and then thought, no, darn it, I'll buy cute XL size maternity vs. 3x regular!!!

  4. Hi Nicole.. thanks for stopping by.. how much fun is it to clean out the closet (and let go of those larger sizes).. enjoy.. get ready for SPRING Fashion, and those strapy sandals..

  5. I too have just begun the process of getting rid of old clothes and reorganizing my closet. It's amazing the things we keep around for wanting to fit into them again. I found stuff I hadn't worn since high school. On the up side, one of those pairs of jeans fits me now. That means I'm well on my way. Keep the great work girl.

  6. I just got banded and I have the same prob, I was pregnant but had a miscarriage and the maternity clothes are a size 16- 18 I am a 14 now already after 3 months. Congratulations on your success :)