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Monday, February 22, 2010

My secrets for Gen ..and a blog to keep Angie busy :)

Gen I am so flattered you want my secrets..tips etc. 

I feel I am really able to work my band as I think I may be at my S_ _ _ T spot, I am afraid to say it lol. I currently have 7.7 cc in my 10 cc band.

I Also want to lose this weight and get down to goal because I would like to get pregnant in July/August. The closer I get I am not sure if I can lose all this weight and then BAM get pregnant.

I also have this dream goal that I want to be in a Bikini by beach season in May! I may be a little crazy and still end up in  a tankini..but a girl can dream of a black string bikini right? 

I am a creature of habit I eat the same things over and over again. I don't eat unless I am hungry so some morning just coffee.. until 11 or 12 when I will have a protein bar or a greek yogurt. Some morning I am starving and need my yogurt first thing. 

For lunches I have lean cuisine and Kashi meals, This post I talk a lot about my favorite foods and how I eat out of a 1 cup bowl for every meal ( I know depressing eh) or a salad plate and I am always measuring my food.  
I do feel like I am dieting because I do restrict myself, BUT if I really want something I have it.(ie molton lava cake)  So maybe I don't restrict myself lol? Obviously having a small portion.
When I go out for dinner I get the salmon and take home the leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. I still have a martini or two once a week if we go out to dinner. 

exercise  my work hours are crazy so I do a lot of home videos 3-4 times a week. Biggest Loser, muscle, cardio kick boxing.

I step on the scale every day (it has me obsessed with it ) but if I don't step on the scale I  would always gain. I always drink 100 oz (or try my hardest too)

I know I shouldn't feel that I am on a "diet" but I have a goal to meet quickly and I am on a mission.

I am having a very hard time with the scale as I get lower, but I just keep working it! 

And I also pray to the scale fairy! ...some nights it works :) lmao


  1. SO helpful, thank you! And good to know there is still room in my band for even better restriction - I am at 7.4 ccs in a 10 cc band.

    Seems like my day is not all that different from yours. Except on days I exercise I sometimes eat breakfast twice - a protein bar early so I have some energy to exercise, then oatmeal around 11 or so. I eat the Kashi or similar meals for lunch. But I do not use the 1 cup bowl. That is a really good idea, I am just a baby about rules like that (Diet Rebel!)

    I can see how having such a HUGE goal -- getting pg -- would influence your focus! That is really great you want to lose as much as possible. (For the record, I NEVER had any problems getting Pg even while heavier. But it is better for your health to do it at a lower weight, no question. And btw, I gained 60 freaking pounds with my first pg.....but only about 20 by the 4th. Took a while to lose that eating for 2 mentality! You can keep your weight off for sure if you keep the same focus you have now).

    I bet you could almost do a bikini now! I saw some cute supportive ones on the Lands End website. I am sad about no bikinis, because my torso was my best asset in my thinner days...and even after 4 babies my stretch marks are low enough that I could get away with a bikini...but now it is just so scarred up, it will be years, if ever!

    Thanks again, you are a Band Rockstar! Keep it up!

  2. Great advice Nicole, I think it's awesome that we can choose to diet with this band if we need to by making the most conscientious choices sometimes, and other times we can let it do its job and lose at a slower rate. I am so proud of you and inspired by your progress... It's amazing! xoxoxox

  3. Thank You Ladies!! My Dr said I couldn't get pregnant because my insulin levels were to high. Which was caused from my weight. I believe I was 237lbs 3 months married and my Dr said DO NOT get pregnant. So when it comes time I will be healthy for me and the baby :)

  4. It's amazing how similar we are Nicole! I feel like I could have written this post down to the one or two martini's! I got the jeans today, they fit! Didn't even try on the 31's...not yet. I'll take pics and post them soon. Thank you so so much!! A friend of mine got the band, dropped 100 pounds and then got pregnant. It will happen! xoxo

  5. You are doing so great! Keep up your great work and you will be at goal in no time. Then, it's baby time! Great tips in your post. Thanks.

  6. What a great goal to be working towards! You're doing really well and will be at your scale goal in no time.

  7. Thanks Nicole, this is perfect. I've been wondering what i'm doing wrong (although it's pretty clear the answer is: eating too much, lol). This is a good guideline. Congrats on your great work!

  8. Great post Nicole, you are doing such a wondeful job.

  9. Thanks Nic-- awesome post with a great sense of the reality of the amounts for rapid weight loss... and also how having a goal in mind really helps.

    I am not sure where I'll fall out on this, b/c I want a more gentle approach while still losing. I want to hit that sweet spot but not be too tight so I am uncomfortable.

    However: I seem to be falling to the same foods daily too-- I gravitate towards low fat cheese sticks, those go down very well.... and I am now into fruit cups b/c they are mushy and fruit!!!

    Good luck with your goals and I loved hearing about what you eat.

  10. What a fabulous goal to work towards. It can only benefit you and bub the more healthier you are before and while pregnant. Thanks for all the great hints.