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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day and oh is it HAPPY :)

Happy Valentines Day Ladies! 

 Why can the silly # on the scale make us so happy?!? My scale is finally moving again.
What I did this week is made sure I had 100 oz of water and I guess that helped! 

My weigh in today was 176.5  a loss of  4.4 lbs since last week for LOVE to LOVE myself challenge. That has my loss at 67lbs!! 50lbs since surgery woo hoo!

Tonight I am VERY excited my husband and I are going to a really fancy restaurant tonight for Valentines Day, we have a double date with our best friends. The menu looks amazing, it is a 3 course meal and they have a live jazz band. I will be sure to post pictures!

Hope you are enjoying today!  Much love to you all xo


  1. WOW!! Great job... new pictures please (soon!!)

  2. Yeah!!! Told you it would move again. Florida here you come! xoxo

  3. 4.4 in a week is AWESOME!!! Thanks for the reminder...I always have trouble with the water...hope it helps me get off the plateau! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  4. Awesome loss, I am so jealous. You are doing great!!

  5. WOW - huge loss for the week considering how small you're getting. :)
    I like you new picture too! Have fun at dinner.

  6. Fab!! What a great loss for the week. I just saw your ticker at the top - we are about evens - I have lost just a smidge under 70 pounds with 19 pounds to go.. far out.. look at us!!
    Hope you had a fantastic meal out with your hubby and friends. Let us know how you went!

  7. great job lady! can't wait to hear about din din! happy vday! xxoo

  8. Wow...you look fantastic...just found your blog and will follow eagerly as you approach your goal. By the way the food looked so yummy!!!

  9. 67 lbs is fantastic! Way to go!!